Friday, May 9, 2008

Ride the Mud Wagon!

The finale of our day at Columbia State Historic Park is a ride on the Mud Wagon, a replica of a 1800s stagecoach. The horses aren’t replicas though, they are real, genuine, one horse powered steeds!

The Stage stops at the 1858 Wells Fargo building.

This shot could be right out of the 1880s! Well, you know… if our express driver wasn’t talking on his cell phone.

With tickets in hand we boarded the stage.

And wouldn’t you know it? Half way through our journey our stage got held up by highway bandits! Those dastardly ne’er-do-wells!

I actually feel sorry for these guys. I mean, can you imagine trying to rob this crew?:

Cindy: “Hmm, I wonder how much they get paid to do this.”

Parkie: “This-is-so-COOL!!!”

Rachelle: “Ooh, is that a real gun?”

Dax: “Uh... this is just a show, right?”

Well... time to feed the chickens and then hit the road. This ends one awesome day at Columbia. I hope we can find some good BBQ on the way out. I’m a hankerin’ for a good meal.

For more information on Columbia State Historic Park, visit:

Next time on A California Adventure I’m going to post some shots of interesting sights we passed by on our trip home down highway 49. So check back soon (I won’t wait so long to post this time!)!