Monday, March 19, 2007

Mission Statement

Howdy Folks!

I'm not a Disney Imagineer... not yet anyway. But it is on my lifetime to-do list. Ever since I was a child I have been a big fan of Disney. Fortunatly I learned early on that the best way to work for Disneyland is not to work at Disneyland, but rather go out into the world, collect ideas and inspirations to bring back to Disneyland. My hero is John Olson. In the 1970s John (among others who deserve credit) went to the ghost town of Jerome, Arizona, and brought it back to Disneyland as the “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”. That's what I want to do!

That brings me to Disney's “California Adventure”. It's a disaster. It would have worked better as a “land” (Frontierland, Fantasyland, Californialand...) than an entire theme park. But there it is. What's to be done? Well... Maybe I can do something.

So I started this blog so that you can follow the exploits of this Cartoon Animator, Model Railroader/Railfan, Surfer, Gamer, History Buff, Aerospace Engineering Illustrator, Former Boy Scout, Son of a "Rocket Scientist", and Father of a family of 5, as I drag my family around this great state of our as we (as the great Huell Howser puts it) “search for California's gold”, to maybe someday bring back to Disneyland and hopefully entertain and inspire generations to come.

Maybe I'll win, maybe I'll fail miserably. But goll-darn-it! I'm gonna have FUN doing it, even if it kills me! California- here I come...


P.S. Don't be shy, your comments are welcome!

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Dave Williams said...

Now that you guys went panning for must be rich and stuff. When you guys getting the Roles Royce? Bentley? What a beautiful family as well. They seem to really like you. Weird.